Schools and children’s lives


There were two Church of England primary schools in the parish, one in Charing itself and one in Charing Heath. The majority of local children attended one or other of them, depending on where they lived. Unfortunately, Charing Heath School is not well documented during this period.



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18 School 3
Charing school during the War
17 School 2 Darlington
Samuel Darlington, headmaster 1887-1916
16 School 1 - Rudge
Philip Rudge, headmaster 1916-1946
21 School Former pupils
Charing School pupils who served during 1914 and 1915
19 School 4 Charing Heath
Charing Heath School
20 School Village Children
Children’s lives during the war
22 School Children in agriculture
Charing children and agricultural work
23 School children and peace
Leisure time and celebrations when the war ended